definition of pshaw

      When I was a kid, TV was so boring, that I'm not surprised I would draw instead to pass away the hours. Unlike most other kids growing up in the 70's, I never dreamed of going to disneyland... I always wanted to go to LEGO land
      Our family was lucky to have had a Grandfather who was a professional carpenter & architect that always made clever stuff and toys for us in his free time out of wood in his basement shop. I gave my friend Ron Rege Jr a couple of his woodcuts and he mentioned him in his Drawn & Quarterly #4 story, which is fitting cuz Grandpa grew up in Quebec [see wood crafts here]. Once I showed Grandpa a color book of Howard Finster's painted wood pieces because his are somewhat similar, and after reading the book he told me he thought that guy was cuckoo. Pretty funny! In November of 1974, out of nowhere my Grandma bought me my first issue of Mad (the Exorcist barf bag issue!). Quite a switch from the mags at the back of my Dads closet with amazing NATIVITY scenes lurking inside. So before I even knew about MAD magazine, I was loving to eyeball the glossy 1970s offerings by Kurtzman, Elder and Gahan Wilson.
      If all I ever saw were comic book pamphlets, I wouldn't have ever wanted to draw comics. For me, even though reading Chas. Addams, Winsor McCay and Carl Barks significantly altered my perception of comics, it was discovering Gary Panter and George Herriman in the 80's that made me want to make my own comics. And convincing me didn't even take that much, because back then it was extremely difficult to hunt down and find any Panter or Herriman from my resources. I would occasionally find and have to sustain on scraps of images, a panel in a margin, or a tiny reproduction. But the power of those images even out of context inspired me. It was probably better at first, cuz I ended up inventing my own Panter & Herriman comics for lack of any real ones. Using my inspirational faves at the time, I assembled a few into an anagram [PSHAW] to use as my pseudonym when signing-off my comics, Panter, Segar, Herriman, Addams and Wolverton.
      In the Fall of 1988 I finally started assembling my own comics along with my friends into the self-published comic anthology entitled, ST.iNK [a link to the archive] and out into the tiny under the radar 80's counterculture zine network it ran amuck. I moved to Cambridge, MA in the 90s to begin my attempt at forging an original drawing style in an unfamiliar environment that had interesting options. 1993 was the landmark year my Pre*K Manifesto began as my imperfect vision to initiate working at reconciling my wildly chaotic artistic and comic tendencies into some illustrative order.

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