Executive Toddler Edition

Published 2008/ 16 pages
Limited First Edition of 45 copies
8.5 x 7 comic Strips collection
Laser printed on Ultra-White Glossy stock
Debuted at SPX 2008

STRINGS taken to the next evolutionary level.
16 pages that literally invent Green Comics with mesmerizing BioGeoChemical designs and future Earth humor. This small edition serves as an introduction to the fully developed Executive Toddler character [as seen in Arthur magazine] with 10 beatifically macabre one page comic strips. As the littlest leader of the Newborn Generation, the Executive Toddler's social cognition is blazing his own trail of experience!

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"Don't trust anyone over 12 years old!"

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Executive Toddler sample pages




Published 2008/ 52 pages
Limited First Edition of 65 copies
8.5 x 7 comic book
B&W on Ultra-White Glossy stock
Debuted at MoCCA 2008

The STRINGS narrative restructured into a 52 page comic book. Threading a web of convergence to illustrate the inseperable links that tie together all living communities. Hydrothermal vents, Living Tree habitats, TransHuman in a Computer, and the Imponderable 'FraidtoDie!! New drawing styles for the Current Era 02008!

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STRINGS 02008CE sample pages




The PShaw PanOpticon Vol IX

Published 2005/ 104 pages
Limited First Edition of 85 copies
8.5 x 11 Perfect bound book
Debuted at MoCCA 2005

This ample volume stylishly presents the first TWO YEARS of my comic strip STRINGS. As well as showcasing 20 additional pages of early strips in their rawest Demo form along with Character Model Sheets and 18 pages of 54 different inspirational Sketchbook entries. Truly a comprehensive coverage of the full scope involved with creating serialized comic strips.

Stunning. Fantastic. One of a kind.
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hand signed/numbered by pshaw




Musical Viking Creation Story

Published 2006
Offset printed poster sleeve
45 RPM 7" Purple Vinyl Record
Debuted at MoCCA 2006

The collaborative effort by the Cambridge, MA based band FAT DAY and PShaw. FAT DAY composed and conceived the music and story about a little one-horned Viking who must save his people from an ancient curse from the dawn of creation. All music was performed on home-made electronic instruments, NOT keyboards! PShaw designed the packaging and narrates the story that he illustrated as a poster sized fold-out sleeve [22 x 29"] in 43 comic strip panels. This exclusive release also features a facsimile Norsemen runic stone lyric sheet on grey parchment with rough character designs on the back.
Dare to be weird!
  If you don't have a turntable and would still like this beautiful little record package, I will email you the MP3 versions, if you request them when you purchase.

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SpinUP & SpinDOWN

Upside-Down Comics

Published 2006/ 40 Full Color pages
Limited Edition of 80 copies
4.25 x 5.25 Glossy Booklet
Debuted at MoCCA 2006

The inimitable SpinUP & DOWN characters flipping out right in your own hands! Featuring 80 'double' comic panels in one mind-bending continuous narrative loop. Super nice digital printing on silky cover stock and it comes FREE inside the insanely professional PLUSH VERSION with top notch sewing, fabrics and crafting skills.

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More SpinUP & DOWN PLUSH & BOOK views here!



Published 2007/ 16 pages
Limited Promo Edition of 45 copies
4.25 x 6.5 comic book
Laser printed on Ultra-White Glossy stock
Debuted at Mocca 2008

16 orphaned comic strips for an Alternative Weekly newspaper section. But were deemed, " ...too adult" to print. This small 'Editors Only' edition is the only place to see these ribald PShaw comics. Great gags that meet with little tolerance in polite society.

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Published 2002/ 28 pages
Deluxe Handmade Edition
Silkscreened on mirror mylar
Debuted at SPX 2002

Featuring 24 selected pages of Pshaw's made-up color wash comics from a 100 plus page collection. (16 pages not included in DUST were chosen to be printed in the Paper Rad 2002 edition "Wish You Were Here") Includes Kurla, Dust, Gas, Strings, Sloppa Lee Slap'dup, as well as SpinUP & SpinDOWN. Drawn with pen straight to paper in a freehand unpencilled approach. Printed in greyscale to highlight the ink washes.

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Cover ink color is either Dark Blue,
Red, Orange, or Yellow. Specify one if you wish.





Published 2001/ 16 pages
Premium Newsprint Edition
Debuted at SPX 2002

16 'Broad Sheet Sunday' styled full page strips of the One-Eyed World including The Mud Guys, Thumbarrow & Floy, Dog Bee & Box Bug, Oddclops, Pre*K, Zoomcloud & Moodruin, Peel Way Outs, Stoofus Woodpuss, The Mighty Kookamongus, the Insuperable Kurla as well as SpinUP & SpinDOWN.

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published 1995/ 88 pages
2 color silk screen cover
Edited by PShaw

The Pre*K issue featured 7 women & 7 men interpreting the least understood comic manifesto from the middle 1990's, and the mantle of debauchery has never been the same. Culling the greater Boston scene, issue five secured the true believers for a rapid-fire presentation of intense toddler precocity. Contains some of my favorite gags by Marvel Cassidy, Elliott Mattice, and Roy T. Noteworthy inclusions by Kerri Bennett, Jodi Buonanno, Dame Darcy, Linsey Herman, Pitounet, Erin O'Brien and Ron Rege Jr.
Front cover by PShaw
Back cover by Jodi Buonanno
Silk screened and compiled by pshaw.

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Fully Celebrated Orchestra
Right On

Bolide Records 1998
Cambridge, MA

Featuring: Jim Hobbs, Timo Shanko, Django Carranza
performing these 8 original FCO tunes

1. Space Demons
2. When it Reigns
3. Tasting Thunder
4. Hall of Mirrors
5. Love Poem
6. A Forest on the Sea
7. Loaf-Bread Head
8. Can you say Peggy Babcock 10 Times Fast?

All copies are first pressing, new and sealed in shrink wrap.
Tray card folds out into a beautiful poster [seen above at top] by Jason Fairchild.
CD will be shipped USPS PRIORITY wrapped in cardboard.


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